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Interior Architecture is not merely a major to me. It is a combination of creative design, engineering, art, psychology, and science. A successful interior architect should be knowledgeable in related fields so as not to fall into restrictions. Interior architecture is a challenge for me, a challenge of emulation in art, engineering, and my client’s satisfaction. I was born to design, execute, and be proud of my client’s smile of satisfaction. I enjoy learning and applying interdisciplinary fields, patina (types of colors and their combination together), jewelry (behavior of different metal elements and details design), painting (modern and classic), design, and sewing of clothes (types of fabrics, materials, and composition). This helps me to have a more specific, flexible, and unrestricted design.

When I was 9-year-old, my father was building a house that my mother had drawn up with the help of ready-made plan books. I was fascinated by the plan books. When I built with Legos, I would follow the books to arrange the blocks accordingly and had a lot of questions about plan signs. Gradually, I put myself in the place of the doll and changed the plans so that my doll would feel better. From then on, I knew that I was born to create lovely spaces for real-world people.

I started my undergraduate program in Architectural Engineering in 2010.  I took specialized software classes (AutoCAD, Revit, 3DMax, Rhino, V-Ray) in my sophomore year. In my junior year, I found myself particularly interested in interior architecture and took advanced courses in Interior Architecture at the University of Tehran. Then I continued taking additional courses in Interior Design at the Tehran Institute of Technology and received a certificate in Interior Design from City & Guilds of London Institute. While still undergraduate student, I started working voluntarily as a designer in Mart Interior Architecture, under the supervision of my professor, Dr. Shima Shabani.

In 2013, I started my master’s program in Architectural Engineering. During my studies, I wrote one ISI article and four domestic articles. I also wrote two monographs on old factories with face-to-face reports and historical impressions for publication in the Industrial Heritage book under the supervision of Dr. Mahdavinejad, Professor of Architecture Department, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran.

During my first year of graduate school, I worked as a designer at Arsin Omran Jam Engineering Company. Then, I worked in the Science and Technology Park of the University of Tehran under the supervision of Dr. Abbas Eftekhari, Adjunct Professor of University of Tehran. One of the projects that I worked on was the design, detail drawing, construction drawing, and implementation of a 4-story Tree Café in Tabriz Mall (each floor had a different shape deck with an area of 500 meters, suspension bridges connecting the floors, and Café decks, and 20-meter trees around the decks built in a workshop). Another project was the design of private villas in Namakabrud areas in Northern Iran for Iranian Atlas Company. I enjoyed working on my thesis project (Morvarid Touristic and Residential Complex, based on Voronoi Geometry, in Karaj) and received a grade A on that project.

Since 2016, I have been teaching architectural engineering and interior architecture courses at Islamic Azad University. I coordinated an exhibition of students’ works entitled “Iranian Patina and Patterns” with Dr. Reza Naqdbishi and received a certificate of appreciation from the Dean of the University.  In 2017, I taught Interior Architecture at Shahid Beheshti University Extension. My favorite subjects to teach are Psychology of Creativity and Present and Future Workshop. One of the projects that I assign to students is recycled design projects to create a desirable space and feel connected to a bigger world.



In 2016, I started my own company, Interior Architecture Group. My goal is to deliver the most practical design and high-quality execution based on clients’ needs and the target market. In 2020, Interior Architecture Group was awarded the Certificate of Merit as the “Top Entrepreneur of 2020” for creating 40 job opportunities in a month through designing and implementing three projects, reconstruction, and interior architecture of over 25000 meters area and 30 residential units. While studying in the United States, I still continue consultations, overseeing and designing projects remotely while the execution of the projects will be done by my trusted group.

A desire to extend my knowledge beyond what is available to me in Iran motivated me to pursue a Master of Interior Architecture in the USA. During your esteemed graduate program, I will gain the most up-to-date information and a deeper appreciation of the field of interior architecture, which will enable me to take on more challenging projects in the future and improve my marketability in the field. This valuable experience would help me to expand my horizons, and in becoming a better person, provide meaningful services to society, and build a better world.

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